Sunday, October 16, 2011

~~~~~I want to live in a world…….

where you have to actually be a legitimately good singer to be famous. Where you have to actually know what it is like to feel pain before you can help others deal with theirs. Where you have to actually know it’s Bob’s birthday without facebook having reminding you. Where you can tell the person you love that you love them with no strings attached. Where every teenage girl in the world doen’t feel like no one “really knows” them, when it is totally obvious that their mother does. Where everyone is really themselves and not what they are told that they are because of the T.V. or the magazines. Where not everyone is the same kind of “different”. Where the richest person in America isn’t some random white guy. Where cusing isn’t like the alphabet and EVERYONE knows every curse word there is. Where people can finally admit that they are just as screwed up as everyone else is, if not more.

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