Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flawed Inspiration

So..first post...and I want to talk about someone I idolize.  Alex Knost. I pretty much adore everything this freak does. From his insane surfing ability, to his amazing music...his great artwork to his gnarly dressing sense...this guy is like top notch bad ass wicked tacos fantastic*. I mean if I end up being anything like this cat, I'll be beyond stoked.
I mean, I'm not trying to copy the guy....and I do have my own sense of things i.e. my own surf style (rust's pretty unique to me), my own writing style and artistic way of looking shit I guess.....but Mr.Knost plays a serious role in my life..pretty much only because he seriously seems to be himself and also a genuinely nice dude....
I also realize I am rambling...but shyea....
(*I kinda have my own little lingo...all my braddas are used to it...and I'm sure y'all catch on soon enough)

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